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Terms & Conditions

Onli-Ads has the right to change its terms and conditions at any time, if you feel that If it will have any effect on your purchased plan, then you can talk to us about it within 10 days.
Note: When we change the terms and conditions, then we can send the notification on your mail and dashboard.
Last Update: 21-03-2023

About Payment & Refund Payment :

  • Whenever you buy a plan, you have to advance its pension for example:

Annually Example: It very Simple when you buy the plan then you will pay for one complete year when your plan goes to expire soon then you will renew it like you will purchase the plan on 1-1-2021 then you will renew/pay on 1-1-2022. That the way you will make your payment. (Also you can renew before the date).

  • We refund you money for 1 week in the monthly plan and 30 days in the annual plan, if you have any kind of problem, then you give us the reason for the problem and after that, we will refund your payment But in some plans, the domain is purchased for you, which is valid for a whole year, so we will leave the money of the domain and pay back the rest amount within 5 to 7 Business Days, and also leave the money for other features which can be delivered to you.¬†
  • If you buy any plan by making monthly payments, then the domain will not be given in it. To get a domain, you have to pay at least the first time annually or biennially payment.

Development, Designing & Content Customization:

  • Whenever there is a process of designing after purchasing a plan, then you can only choose the design of the website. But in social media posts or any other feature, you will only have the option to change/replace the content, but it will be designed by our designing experts according to your work or business. If you have to do complete design customizations, then you should purchase premium plans.
  • If you do not have content or you are unable to write content, then you can hire a content writer from your dashboard. You will pay for him separately.
  • After creating your design, we send you a format of it, you have to see it within 24-48 hours and you have to tell if there are any changes in it or not. If we do not get a response within 24-48 hours, then we will understand it is approved by you and we will publish/ live publicly.
  • We developed your website through the best website builder platform like WordPress, Wix, and Google Website Builder.
  • To make any kind of social media post, you will have to update the excel sheet given to us before 15-20 days. The charge for updating and creating the suddenly mentioned post will have to be paid separately.

Copyright and Legal Formalities:

  • It is your responsibility to confirm that the content or any image or logo created by you or us can be copyrighted. If there is an issue in the future, then we will remove the content, image, and logo without informing you. Later, by talking to you about it, we will correct it because of the copyright issue, Google can remove the website and you may have to pay for the copyright issue.
  • If possible, you should take the trademark and copyright claim on the content and images on your logo, so that your logo content and images will be safe. This is not our responsibility, you have to do it yourself.